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Hemp Farm

Every plant within our hemp estate is hand planted and precisely cared for without the use of any herbicides or pesticides. Each hemp seed begins its journey into the field within an on-site greenhouse. Specially formulated and blend of soil promotes deep roots, strong stalks and increase over-all plant health. After 3 weeks of gentle growing conditions — the hardening begins for their transfer to the field. Each and every cannabinoid rich hemp seedling is hand planted with love 4’ on center to promote and encourage expansive growth.
During Central Oregon’s short growing season the cannabinoid rich hemp plants receive generous amounts of sunshine in the High Desert and crystal clean Cascade Mountain Range snowmelt from the Deschutes River. The plants strengthen while they dance in our steady wind with native insects and birds naturally removing any unwanted pests. The mini-ecosystem within the acres of hemp is truly incredible to witness
The farm has imposed a rigorous testing schedule – monitoring our levels over the past 4 years of growing of cannabinoid rich hemp has given us insight as to the optimum harvest window. During “CROPTOBER” our estate grown CBD hemp flower and growers select choice top colas are handled with the utmost care. We hand select and harvest beginning their slow drying process and curing in our climate-controlled facility. We treat our estate-grown cannabinoid rich hemp like the crucial medicine it is! Always striving to ensure quality for those looking to access high caliber smoke-able cannabinoid rich CBD hemp flower. Controlling the entire process, we set high standards and traceability at every step from seed to sale.