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I have used the salve for relief of arthritis pain in my left thumb. After about 45 minutes of the first application the pain decreased and was bearable. After 1-1/2 hours the pain was gone. I am also an amputee and have used it on the "stump" for fatigue and "phantom pains". It works very well. I am not a big fan of pharmaceutical medicine (had enough of that after my accident) and this product is a great alternative. I highly recommend it.


I had been having deep set aches in my knees for months now, and aside from going to a doctor nothing seemed to work out for the pain. This salve smells great, applies smoothly, leaves my skin feeling VERY soft and for the first time in months I’m able to go up and down stairs without pain!! I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking deep set pain relief!!


I decided to try hemp to help with my hip that had been hurting for several weeks. As I'm a side sleeper, it had been difficult to not have more pain and discomfort as I attempted to relax and sleep. One evening I smoked about one half of a joint approximately 30 minutes before going to bed, and the pain and discomfort were gone! I slept very sound and peaceful. Now, I smoke one half a joint ever 3 or 4 days, and I sleep peaceful, with no hip pain.


Flower is very tasty and relaxing without feeling any effects from THC. I would compare it to the aftermath of a nice hot jacuzzi!


This S#iT is Ban - an - as! Our cat goes absolutely nuts for his CBD treats! He begs until he receives his treat in the morning! He is almost 17 and the CBD treats have given him his spunk back - Thank you!